No more worrying about disappearing equipment or it going unused

What does it consist of?

Every company encounters dilemmas resulting in questions such as: Where’s my drill? Why do I have two of the same machine? In which van is the laser? Who stole my tools? All these issues stem from a lack of tools and material management and awareness.

Hit-Tracking offers you the right solution for all these problems: to equip each vehicle with an RFID reader, thus allowing each piece of equipment to be fitted with an RFID tag.

This way, you can optimize your inventory management and avoid loss and/or theft thanks to the daily reports sent by the platform.


1. Beacon Bluetooth

These small trackers (3.2 cm x 2.2 cm x 2.2 cm x 0.5 cm) are used to geolocate tools by Bluetooth. Due to their small size, they can easily be hidden. The purpose of these trackers is to know the location of a tool within a limited area and at a low cost. This way, we can determine on which shelf the tool is and be alerted when it enters or exits the area (container, vehicle,…).

Technical datasheet

Beacon Bluetooth

Dimensions (all incl.): 3.2 cm(L) x 2.2 cm (W) x 0.5 cm (H).
Weight: 7g.
IP67 enclosure: dust, water, and shock-resistant
Battery: 225mAh CR2032 Li 3V battery (2 to 4 years of autonomy)
Range: 50m maximum, depending on the environment.

Equipped with an accelerometer to detect the setting in motion.
Automatic scanning by a reader.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT tracker is entirely autonomous. It has its own battery (4 to 10 years of autonomy depending on use) and must not be connected to the vehicle’s battery. The IoT tracker is used for large equipment without batteries such as trolleys, pallets or containers. This tracker uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the Sigfox network (French network created for IoT) or Lora (network also developed in France) to ensure geolocation.

Internet of things tracker

Technical datasheet

Internet of Things (IoT)

Dimensions (battery 8.8000 maH incl.): 100 x 60 x 37mm.
Dimensions (incl. battery 2,200 maH): 100 x 60 x 23mm.
Performance: optimal between -20°C and +85°C

The GPS position sending frequency is max. 140 signals in 24 hours (+- 1 signal every 11 minutes). Generally, we configure it to send 1 to 2 positions per day to optimize the battery life.
The approximate battery life will be provided with the configuration of the autonomous IoT Tag (generally between 4 to 10 years).

3. The active RFID tag

The active RFID tag makes it possible to locate the tool to avoid theft, to find it quickly, or to take inventory quickly. It should be placed on each tool to be tracked. It then will be linked to an RFID reader that compiles an inventory of all the tags present in a 500m area around it. This way, you can be aware of which tools are present or not, as well as their location. You can also receive alerts if a tool is not detected for a given period of time to warn you of possible theft or loss.



Krypton PLUS

Technical datasheets

Active RFID Tag Keyfob

Dimensions (all incl.): diameter 35mm x depth 11 mm.
Weight: 15g
Performance: optimal between -25°C and +85°C
Battery life: Up to 5 years
ISM frequency: 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz
Housing: shock, dust and water-resistant (IP68)

The installation is generally done with extra strong glue. It can be hung up, thanks to the holes provided.

Active RFID Tag "Krypton" type

Dimensions (all incl.): +- 52(L) x 48(W) x 10 mm(H).
Weight: 29g
Performance: optimal between -25°C and +85°C
Housing: water and dust resistant (IP67)
Battery life: Up to 5 years
ISM frequency: 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz

Equipped with a motion sensor and an ON/OFF sensor, each of which detects when the tool is started and when it moves.

Active RFID Tag "KRYPTON PLUS" type

Dimensions (all incl.): +- 81(L) x 48(W) x 10 mm(H).
Weight: 65-80g
Performance: optimal between -25°C and +85°C
Housing: shock, water and dust resistant (IP68)
Battery life: Up to 10 years
ISM frequency: 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz

Equipped with a motion sensor and an ON/OFF sensor, each of which detects when the tool is started and when it moves.
Equipped with an internal and external temperature sensor.

4. The QR Code or barcode

The QR Code is a technology used to geolocate and manage a stock of tools. Each item in the stock is to be equipped with a unique QR Code that is to be scanned (automatically or not) to indicate an entry or exit of material.

Technical datasheet

QR Code / Barcode

Dimensions: any size

Format: labels to be placed

Scanning performed by a reader.



The RFID reader installed in the vehicle instantly sends all the equipment connected to this RFID reader within a radius of 500 meters. If a device is not listed by a company RFID reader within a certain period of time, an alert is sent to you.


Thanks to the localization of the equipment, you can quickly and easily dispatch which equipment should go to which worksite. Thanks to this system, you’ll see an end to unnecessary tool purchasing.


No more unnecessary purchases because you think a machine might be lost or stolen, the localization of the equipment tells you at any time who is in possession of the equipment.


With Hit-Tracking, you can always keep track of your tools. Additionally, if a tool is not detected by an RFID reader for a certain period of time, an alert message is sent to you.



RFID readers are equipped with sensors that identify whether or not a device is in use. These sensors make it possible to precisely integrate the time of use of the equipment into the worksite’s profitability.


The equipment is located within a 500-meter radius of the RFID reader. You can consult the list of equipment assigned to the worksite, from anywhere.


Thanks to the equipment being connected to the Internet, all of its data can be collected at any time. The data can also be integrated into Hit-Office management software or other software.


Our RFID readers and RFID badges are made in Switzerland and Finland, countries renowned for the reliability and quality of their products.


The SSL system allows information to be synchronized securely. It ensures confidentiality, integrity, and authentication.


The GPS tracker is easy to install and can be set-up by yourself.


If a device is not detected by a company RFID reader within a certain period of time, an alert is sent to notify you of the disappearance. You can consult the location history of the device at any time.



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